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Before you will order
Think carefully how many invitations and other products do you need. Always count a few reserve pieces. Remember, you don’t have to buy invitations, table plans, place cards etc all at the same time. You can order the invitations and later other products. Remember, you will pay for the delivery 2 times.
Notice that we are sending Table Plan in separate pack (only Courier)
Earlier, prepare in the Microsoft Word all the texts, which we will be printing on your invitation, RSVP, Save the date etc.
During the ordering procedure, you will put them in the right place.
If you want us to print the names of your guests on the invitations, prepare the guest lists.
Guest list for the invitations
Guest list for the place cards
List with the guests addresses

Ordering Procedure
Choose the design which you want to buy and follow the form on the webside.
After ordering, wait for the contact from us. We will contact you in 1-2 working days.
We will check your order. Graphic designer will prepare the project of the text content. We will send you an e-mail with project and payment request. We send the project in PDF. You should read it carefully and check if there are no mistakes. If you decide, that something needs to be corrected, our graphic designer will correct it and send to you to accept it. If you decide, that we can print the invitations, we will direct it to the production division. We will wait for your payment and start the

The realization term
The realization term depends on the quantity of orders. Now it is about 4-6 working days + the time of delivery, counting from the day, we will receive your text content acceptation and payment. We send the text content project in 2 days time.

If you pay later than you send us text content acceptation, we count the term of the realization from the day we receive the payment.


Please read the test print very carefully. After your acceptation we don’t consider any complaints.
If the mistakes are our fault, we will pay for print invitations once more.